Internet of Things and Sensors

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 - 11:00 to 12:30
Session Room: 
Session Chair: 
Jean Paul Calbimonte


Martin Ringsquandl, Steffen Lamparter, Sebastian Brandt, Raffaello Lepratti and Thomas Hubauer
Semantic-Guided Feature Selection For Industrial Automation Systems [IU&S]
Muhammad Intizar Ali, Naomi Ono, Md. Mahedi Kaysar, Keith Griffin and Alessandra Mileo
A Semantic Processing Framework for IoT-enabled Communication Systems [IU&S]
Muhammad Intizar Ali, Feng Gao and Alessandra Mileo.
CityBench: A Configurable Benchmark to Evaluate RSP Engines using Smart City Datasets [ESE]
David Corsar, Milan Markovic, Peter Edwards and John D. Nelson
The Transport Disruption Ontology [D&O] (15')
Marco Balduini and Emanuele Della Valle
FraPPE: a vocabulary to represent heterogeneous spatio-temporal data to support visual analytics [D&O] (15')