Scientific Data

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 11:00 to 12:30
Session Room: 
Session Chair: 
Sean Bechhofer


Tobias Kuhn, Christine Chichester, Michael Krauthammer and Michel Dumontier
Publishing without Publishers: a Decentralized Approach to Dissemination, Retrieval, and Archiving of Data [R]
Francesco Osborne and Enrico Motta
Klink-2: Integrating Multiple Web Sources to Generate Semantic Topic Networks [R]
Wei Hu, Honglei Qiu and Michel Dumontier.
Link Analysis of Life Science Linked Data [ESE]
Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Nicholas Del Rio, Deana Pennington and Luis Garnica Chavira
Semantic Bridges for Biodiversity Science [D&O] (15')
Adila A. Krisnadhi, Yingjie Hu, Krzysztof Janowicz, Pascal Hitzler, Robert Arko, Suzanne Carbotte, Cynthia Chandler, Michelle Cheatham, Douglas Fils, Tim Finin, Peng Ji, Matthew Jones, Nazifa Karima, Kerstin Lehnert, Audrey Mickle, Tom Narock, Margaret O'Brien, Lisa Raymond, Adam Shepherd, Mark Schildhauer and Peter Wiebe
The GeoLink Modular Oceanography Ontology [D&O] (15')