Linked Data III

Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 11:00 to 12:30
Session Room: 
Event Center
Session Chair: 
Giuseppe Pirrò


Klaudia Thellmann, Mikhail Galkin, Fabrizio Orlandi and Sören Auer
LinkDaViz - Automatic Binding of Linked Data to Visualizations [R]
Laurens Rietveld, Wouter Beek and Stefan Schlobach
LOD Lab: Experiments at LOD Scale [ESE]
Stefan Bischof, Christoph Martin, Axel Polleres and Patrik Schneider
Collecting, Integrating, Enriching and Republishing Open City Data as Linked Data [IU&S]
Renata Dividino, Thomas Gottron and Ansgar Scherp.
Strategies for Efficiently Keeping Local LOD Data Caches Up-To-Date [ESE]