Knowledge Graphs

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 14:00 to 15:20
Session Room: 
Event Center
Session Chair: 
José Manuel Gómez-Pérez


Pedro Szekely, Craig Knoblock, Jason Slepicka, Andrew Philpot, Amandeep Singh, Chengye Yin, Dipsy Kapoor, Prem Natarajan, Daniel Marcu, Kevin Knight, David Stallard, Subessware S. Karunamoorthy, Rajagopal Bojanapalli, Steven Minton, Brian Amanatullah, Todd Hughes, Mike Tamayo, David Flynt, Rachel Artiss, Shih-Fu Chang, Tao Chen, Gerald Hiebel and Lidia Ferreira
Building and Using a Knowledge Graph to Combat Human Trafficking [IU&S]
Giuseppe Pirrò
Explaining and Suggesting Relatedness in Knowledge Graphs [R]
Phuong Nguyen, Paolo Tomeo, Tommaso Di Noia and Eugenio Di Sciascio
Content-based recommendations via DBpedia and Freebase: a case study in the music domain [R]
Denis Krompaß, Stephan Baier and Volker Tresp
Type-Constrained Representation Learning in Knowledge Graphs [R]