A Few Tips for Your Trip

We are excited to have the ISWC community visit Bethlehem. We are currently experiencing lovely fall weather, with daily high temperatures in the 65-70 °F (18-21 °C) range. The forecast for the upcoming week is typically mostly sunny or partly cloudy, with a slight chance of showers on Tuesday.

If you are taking a TransBridge or Bieber bus to Bethlehem, please make arrangements ahead of time to get from the Bethlehem Terminal (12 E. Mechanic St.) to your hotel. This is more of a dropoff and pickup point than a bus station, and there will be no taxis waiting. If you arrive before 10pm, you can still catch the 102 LANta bus. The stops are a few blocks away: at the intersection of 2nd St. and Northampton if heading in the direction of Sands and the intersection of Columbia St. & Webster St. if heading in the direction of the Hotel Bethlehem and Hyatt Place.

The registration desk will be open on Saturday from 3-8pm at Rauch Business Center on Lehigh University's campus. Looking to avoid the Sunday morning rush to register? You can get there by walking, driving, or a public LANta bus. On Sunday, registration opens at 7am in the same location. Starting at 6:30am, Lehigh will be provide bus service from all four partner hotels to and from Rauch Business Center that day. Look for the brown and white Lehigh University buses with the ISWC logo in the window. You can get real-time updates on the location of the buses at bus.lehigh.edu . The ISWC buses will be marked as "Charter."